Finding an Emergency Dentist in North Las Vegas NV

Dental Emergencies

Millennium Dental – Las Vegas is a family-friendly dental practice that offers affordable and stress-free care. Their dentists are experienced and offer services including teeth cleaning, X-rays, and exams. The office also works with most insurance plans and provides in-house financing. They are Lead Counsel verified, meaning they meet stringent client service and ethical standards.

Dr. Frank Bruno is a caring and efficient dental professional who has extensive experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. His practice uses safe techniques and modern equipment in their treatments. In addition to a variety of general services, his office provides nitrous sedation and TMJ treatment.

Whether you need an emergency dentist in North Las Vegas NV or are looking for one with specialist services, Opencare can help you find the right one for your needs. Their search quiz will quickly identify practices that offer the specific services you need. You can then schedule an appointment directly with the practice.

Broken Teeth

If you break a tooth, it’s important to visit a Emergency Dentist in North Las Vegas NV as soon as possible. Left untreated, a broken tooth can lead to infection and other health problems. A dentist can restore a broken tooth with a root canal, dental crown, or dentures.

Depending on the type of tooth damage, your dentist may need to perform more advanced treatment or refer you to a specialist. For example, if you have a chipped front tooth that needs cosmetic bonding, your dentist will roughen up the surface of your tooth and apply the bonding material. Then, they’ll shape it and harden it with an ultraviolet light.

Then they will place a dental bridge that connects your middle tooth-alike piece to the adjacent teeth. This treatment may cause some minor bleeding at the site. A patch of gauze will be placed in the area to help stop the bleeding. Then, you can follow the instructions on how often to change the gauze and other post-procedure care.

Bad Breath

Fortunately, bad breath is usually preventable with proper in-home oral care (including brushing, flossing and interproximal cleaning devices), regular dental visits and freshening treatments. Your dentist and hygienist can review the best oral hygiene aids to eliminate plaque, germs and food particles that cause bad breath and recommend specific techniques to avoid discoloration of your teeth. Gum disease is a major cause of bad breath, and can also contribute to premature birth and low weight babies in pregnant women.