Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint – Disposable Vape Flavors
Breeze Plus Zero Breeze Vape Vapes

Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint – Disposable Vape Flavors

Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint is a disposable vape device that is ideal for ex-smokers and new vapers. It features a sleek design and a powerful 650mAh battery. It is available in 10 tasty flavors.

These devices can last up to 800 puffs before they need to be replaced. This is a rough estimate as it will vary depending on the user’s draw length.

0% Nicotine

Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint is a standout option for vapers who want to enjoy their favorite flavors without nicotine. This e-cig offers the same incredible 800 puff manufacturing capacity that smokers depend on, but eliminates the addictive element of nicotine. This is a remarkable achievement, and it makes it possible for ex-smokers to keep their habits intact with a product that has a great deal of appeal.

Breeze Plus Zero is available in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors that can be enjoyed throughout the day without having to reload. These vaporizers also come with a 3.5ml e-juice capacity, which is sufficient for satisfying vaping sessions. Choose from fruity fusions like Orange Mango Watermelon or Pineapple Coconut, indulge in the succulent sweetness of a juicy strawberry-kiwi blend, or experience a cool refreshing blast of minty delight. The possibilities are endless with this exceptional device. You can find this non-rechargeable wonder at select vape shops in Michigan and east of the Mississippi River.

3.5ml E-Juice Capacity

The Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint disposable vape offers a refreshing taste of nicotine-free bliss. Designed for former smokers who want to cut down their nicotine intake, this device is available in 10 mouthwatering flavors with a 3.5ml e-juice capacity that lasts up to 800 puffs. It also boasts a 650mAh integrated battery, making it ideal for long-lasting vaping sessions without the need to recharge.

The stylish and durable design of the Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine Lemon Mint is impressive, but it’s the 0% nicotine content that really sets this device apart from other disposable vapes on the market. With its opulent 800 puff capacity, 3.5ml e-juice splurge, and impressive design elements, it’s the perfect choice for former smokers who want to cut down on nicotine.

800 Puffs

The Breeze Plus disposable vape comes pre-loaded with a 3.5ml of e-juice with an industry leading capacity of 800 puffs. This is accomplished by a 650mAh battery that’s been engineered beautifully while keeping the device small and convenient.

This battery size allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors for hours without the need to refill. Ultimately, this makes it perfect for transitioning ex-smokers from smoking to vaping and eliminating nicotine cravings.

Breeze has 17 flavors in total that range from fruity to menthol, so there’s something for every taste! You can choose from the likes of Peach Soda, a sparkling cola beverage with juicy peaches; Pineapple Lemon, an exotic blend of fresh pineapples infused with zesty lemon; and Strawberry Kiwi, a mouthwatering melody of tangy exotic pomegranates with luscious strawberries and refreshing kiwis.

Moreover, these devices are completely disposable, so once they’re empty you simply dispose of them responsibly and replace them with a new one. This makes it easy to maintain a consistent experience with your favorite Breeze Plus flavors.

Maintenance-Free Convenience

Known for its long battery life and diverse flavors, Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine disposable vapes are the ultimate in convenience and satisfaction. With a powerful 650mAh battery and 3.5ml of pre-filled e-juice, each device produces up to 800 puffs so you can enjoy your favorite flavors without refilling.

The mouth-watering flavor selection includes 17 different flavors ranging from Strawberry Ice to Cool Mint. With a variety of fruity, dessert, and refreshing menthol options, there’s sure to be a Breeze Plus zero-nicotine disposable that fits your needs.

Breeze also provides a few unique and creative flavors that you won’t find at most other disposable vape manufacturers. For example, try Blueberry Lemon for a vibrant fusion of ripe blueberries with zesty lemons that are sure to awaken your taste buds. Unlike other devices, these disposables don’t require any maintenance and can simply be thrown away once they run out of juice. This makes them an ideal choice for new vapers and former smokers alike.