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Turn your most cherished memories into a stunning 3D Crystal Candle Holder. Using our specialist subsurface laser technique, we’ll preserve your favourite snap in striking crystal that won’t fade or disintegrate. Ideal for wedding keepsakes, anniversary gifts and memorials of lost loved ones.

Upload your photo and we’ll remove the background and zoom in on the important bits. We can even add names or a special message for the perfect finishing touch.

Product Description

Perfect for couples, memorials and single photos – this beautiful photo crystal candle holder comes masterfully engraved with your chosen snap thanks to our specialist Sub-Surface laser technique. Your treasured memories will never fade and stay etched in memory forever!

You’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes, including those which are compact and convey elegance even when used alone. There are also those with a unique design which can take the form of other everyday objects, abstract forms or even human features.

This collection of candle holders includes glass ones which can recreate an aura of mystery, thanks to the transparencies and reflections they feature. You’ll also find those made in metal, which are able to exude a sense of solidity and expressive strength. Finally, there are those which have been made in wood, a natural material that is able to recreate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The choice is truly endless!

Product Specifications

We offer a wide range of candle holders with delicate artistry and creativity. There are those in glass, able to recreate an atmosphere of elegance and mystery thanks to their transparencies and reflections. There are also those in metal, characterized by their expressive strength and solidity.

Our photo crystal candle holder is the perfect gift for couples, memorials or anyone that loves personalising their decor! It’s a stunning way to preserve your treasured memories and ensure they last forever. Our specialist sub-surface laser technique will engrave your chosen image into the crystal with jaw-dropping detail. We’ll even remove the background from your snaps for you, so all you need to do is choose a favourite.

Our 3D Photo Crystal Candle Holder holds one tealight candle. The crystal is cut with deep facets to ensure the light shines through it. It comes with a beautiful black presentation box. Perfect for an anniversary, wedding keepsake or memorial for a loved one.

Product Weight

The perfect gift for couples, memorials or anyone who loves candles. This gorgeous crystal photo candle holder can be personalised with a single snap taken straight from your smartphone or tablet, which will then be expertly laser engraved with jaw-dropping 3D effect into the beautiful crystal. Thanks to our specialist sub-surface engraving technique, your chosen snap won’t fade, deteriorate or discolour over time.

This classic candle holder design is ideal for displaying your favourite snap, and is perfect as an anniversary gift or memorial candle for a lost loved one. The timeless design also makes it a great birthday present for a girlfriend or wife, or a special treat for yourself!

The light dances playfully on the facets of these stunning glass wall mounted sconces, reminiscent of sunlight dancing on tranquil lakes after a Summer storm. Available in a delicate shade of silver, Silver Lake reflects the natural beauty of coastal lakes, tranquil pools and serene ponds, creating a soothing ambiance for hallways and foyers, entryways and dining rooms.

Product Dimensions

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